destination 7: spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti

Cooking, it is one of the simplest joys in life, especially for the KANISNIKE team.

As humans, we all have to eat and most of us find happiness in cooking. But how often do we sit there and ask ourselves what am I going to cook tonight? Where does the inspiration come from? Why do we not cook and eat the same foods?

Well, it’s simple. Like everything in this life, we all come from weird and wonderful backgrounds, creating unique tastes. We wanted to capture these personal twists (and put the countless hours of youtube cooking channels watched to good use) to show how through food, we expose those little nuances that make us, us. (1)

For us personally, vlogs capture a snippet of reality. As individuals, who are low-key obsessed with food, cooking and eating it was CLEARLY logical to create a vlog that exposed an image of this love – there is no chance it could be our personal brand without it.

And to be completely honest, spending a night cooking delicious food with friends and wine? Who wouldn’t want a night like that! It really really feels like vloggers are living the dream! Of course, the quality of conversation was DEFINITELY hindered due to the camera perpetually being in our face – but I guess we all have to make compromises.

All I can say is that vloggers definitely have the gift of the gab. Seriously. Who knew it is that difficult to know what to say on camera without sounding too forced or scripted. It is 100% an art I am yet to perfect. (2)

Unfortunately, the nature of cooking means that the first shot taken was the often the only shot that could be taken… making last minute brainwaves (and last minute edits) often difficult to execute (of course, if eating spaghetti for a month was our idea of fun, we would have definitely made it again and again and again to capture these moments).

And cutting content? A complete and utter nightmare. How do you turn an hour of footage into 5 minutes? It’s like trying to fit an orange through a needle head!

But to say the least, we would definitely not rule it out as a career option (of course investing in high-quality vlogging cameras if this were the case)… It is a pretty sweet life… a film with a side of spaghetti buuuuuut then again it’s one thing to do it as a one-off, but forever? Maybe not.



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