destination 5: writing never felt so good…

In the past pens were just a mechanism to write your notes down in every day to day life – they were purely functional. They were boring and the only difference that could indicate certain meaning was the colour of the ink, but even this was limited. (2)

So why is it that we care so much about stationary… after all is it not just a piece of paper and a pen to write with? Well, let us tell you!

Nowadays, we as consumers are more interested and involved in our products… we are wanting a more personalised experience… we like things that jump out at us! (3).gif

Certain companies  have built their brands on this concept, providing in-store experiences that are targeted at certain consumers i.e. Smiggle was my primary school haven, Typo was my high school trendy books and Kiki K is my stylish, minimalistic, uni diary. 

So, obviously, we have all used these brands in order to highlight important moments and varying senses of self-concept throughout our lives. But what are these brands lacking? They are a single entity with indistinguishable identities. They forget that, a pen that you love might drive me absolutely crazy. Thus, while your big name stationery stores do provide more tasteful and interesting designs that allow for self-expression, these designs are often mainstream, plain and boring.

Look at most of the pens found in Officeworks which are coloured only to indicate the colour of ink. And seriously, some of the typography on Typo’s notebooks are just a bit weird and cringeworthy:

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.35.08 pm

Plus, I don’t want my English tutor to see a curse word on the front of my notebook!


In The Customising World Who Does What?

There are brands out there who provide personalisation of products:

Kikki K, is stationary customisation at its simplest form, allowing for simple monogram prints of a customer’s initials on the brand’s own products. Mon Purse also provides this experience but takes it a step further by allowing customers to ‘design, customise and personalise’ the bag their initials are placed on… all for a high price of course. 

In terms of stationary, the forerunner is Bynd Artsian, who provides both personalisation with name/text imprinting, and customisation with an ability to select preset colours, features and details of notebooks.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.21.48 pm.png

Although Bynd Artisian allows for both personalisation and customisation, it is limiting in its actual product diversity. Customers can only choose combinations from a select few presets and features and one style of notebook. Yes, having this limited style of notebook is a unique feature of their brand and simplicity is key to customisation success but what if I don’t want a spiral binder?

So where to from here?

This is where our brand of No-Name would would step in, an online site allowing people to customise their pen to their liking: by choosing a design and details. Ultimately, allowing the customer to make any customisation both big and small, of stationery products.

As it will work on mobiles, tablets and computers, No-Name will allow you to create your product and save it to your account, enabling you to be able to automatically recreate it when it runs out or even share links with your friends (who will most certainly be begging to know where you got it from) to show them how creative you are!

Unlike Brnd Artisian and Kiki K who offer simple personalisation, No-Name offers a unique value proposition, consumer generated products. By not only offering different colors, styles, designs and engravings, but also having the choice to customise the technical side of things such as the kind of ink, the kind of tip of a pen and the covering can allow customers products to be their own and love them! (1)

In other words, people can get ‘exactly’ what they want. Going that one step further to allow people customise everything at their own leisure will provide people with their own sense of purpose. Empowering customers to customise their own goods at the moment of purchase encourages them to build feelings of ownership.

Fundamentally, this brand transforms stationary so it is not only functional anymore but now is a creation by YOU for YOU. The experience doesn’t just mark a moment in time but is something specialise that you can treasure for years to come. Something you will always be able that one-off connection to.


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